80% of contamination occurs through our hands!

Health & life are endangered  by nosocomial infections in outpatient practices, (rehab) clinics and retirement homes. More than 50 people die of it daily  in Germany, worldwide more than 11 million p.a., and is cause of death No. 1  among hospital patients.

Hand wash basin = Health risk except with our pool Medi-Sink.

Federal Health Gazette (Germany) 2016.59:1199

"5.1 The sink drain is an open pathogen reservoir of the patient's fecal and oral flora. When water enters, bacteria are emitted up to 1.85 m in radius from the wastewater standing in the siphon. ... Siphon contamination >105 cfu/ml has been shown to transfer bacteria to nurses' hands during hand washing. Siphons colonized with P. aeruginosa could be identified as a risk factor for patient colonization."

  • The solution ? 
    =>  Medi-Sink - globally !

Your new Medi-Sink hand wash basin  almost completely eliminates dangerous contamination from the siphon, thus significantly reducing nosocomial infections.

According to the WHO, multi-resistant germs have the same risk potential as climate change. We act - and you?

"Medi-Sink" Hand basin

Your step into a new era of hygiene, for which you can place orders  from April 2024  for your measures from December.

Nosocomial infections 
in Germany p. a.:





4-8 Mrd.

€ Damage

Medi-Sink: Protect health & life!

  • As stated by the RKI, when we wash our hands, the room, clothes and body are contaminated by germs & viruses from the siphon. If we touch clothes or face, our hands are again carriers.
  • Medi-Sink minimizes the risk of infection including MRSA, and you are ready for the next epidemic/pandemic. Use and cleaning is as natural as before.
  • You protect health & life  of your staff, patients and visitors, yourself, your family & friends. Germs & viruses don't stop at any door.
  • With digital extension to Medi-Sink(+) you complete hand hygiene, and set new standards. Your hygiene management receives reliable data.
  • You maintain your reputation and reduce absenteeism. In clinics, you reduce the average length of stay of your patients, in retirement homes, the risk of infection of the residents and employees entrusted to you.

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  • Medical practices
  • Retirement homes  
  • Rehabilitation clinics 
  • and clinics

also have the opportunity to reserve Medi-Sink without obligation.

YOU decide how quickly your living environment is a bit safer.

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"Health is our most valuable asset."

Without bacteria we are not viable, and yet we have to protect ourselves from germs and viruses.

Despite the greatest efforts in the area of hygiene, approximately 100,000 people die each year in Europe alone due to hospital germs.

  • Is Medi-Sink your next, important step to protect health & life ?
  • Will you extend Medi-Sink with digital solutions to Medi-Sink(+), and complete Hand Hygiene?
  • Will we start a new era of hygiene together by simplifying hygiene and reducing costs?
  • We would be pleased if you would follow this path with us for the benefit of your patients and employees, and if we could get to know you, and we wish you health and happiness.

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