"We protect Resources, Health & Life."

No slogan > our job!

Health and life are under attack in hospitals from nosocomial invections, including MRSA.

HySeDi protects us all - incl. reduction of costs and Co2 emissions. 
Without effort for Service & Hygiene management 
>>> simply smart !


at the highest level


digitally optimized

Medi-Sink handbasin & B2B-Platform

A B2B platform AND a hand-washing sink?

Hygiene management, FM, cleaning service, warehouse, administration, distributor and producers have partly identical problems.
HySeDi provides real-time processed data, and enables you for the first time demand-driven, long, medium and short term planning, if necessary fast reaction and control.
Protection & service increase, costs and Co2 emissions decrease.

With Medi-Sink you reduce hospital infections and thus an until recently unrecognized, eminent hygiene problem in healthcare.
If you then decide to additionally use IoT & our B2B platform, hand hygiene reaches a new level, far beyond healthcare, and sets higher standards.


Do you want effective solutions for your hand hygiene  and significantly reduce the risk of nosocomial infections, including MRSA?

Does your hygiene management need robust data?

Do you answer "yes"? 
1, 2 or even 3 times? 
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FM Operator

Do cleaning service, stock management and ordering also cause you a lot of effort?

Do you want to reduce this effort, improve controls, and optimize hygiene and service?

Then it is now interesting for you!


Is this also part of your everyday life?

Orders are received at short notice, driver shortages, freight space and route planning often time-consuming but inefficient?

Do you want real-time information about your customers' inventory, consumption and demand so that you can plan better at an early stage?

Medi-Sink Handbasin

With their new sink Medi-Sink you solve a considerable problem in the wet area. Without changes in use and cleaning.

Do you want to significantly reduce nosocomial infections?
With successive further - digital solutions - to Medi-Sink(+) you perfect hand hygiene.

MRSA is a steadily increasing, deadly problem. There is no one solution, but we reduce the danger - significantly.


Medi-Sink: "Safe as in Abraham's lap."


is protected by patent.

Medi-Sink was developed specifically for the healthcare sector to reduce nosocomial infections.

However, based on the experience gained during the pandemic, it is recommended for use in all sanitary facilities that are used by many people.

Do you want to better protect yourself and the people entrusted to your care?

HySeDi Platform

The mode of operation is protected by patent.

The platform was developed to digitalize sanitation & hygiene. For the first time, operators, service, hygiene management and suppliers receive valuable data on the basis of which they can act.

Hygiene & service are optimized, resources are saved, effort and costs are reduced for FM operators, cleaning service and distributors.

Medi-Sink (+) Platform

The combination of Medi-Sink(+) & Platform heralds a new era of hand hygiene in healthcare.

Do you want to set new, better standards, protect health & life, and reduce staff workload?

YOU & HySeDi

Do you also solve problems and reduce costs together with HySeDi?