Work must make a difference!

Are you also of this opinion?

Then it's worth it for you to get to know HySeDi. Because we talk little, but we move a lot - worldwide.

"We protect Resources, Health & Life" is not a slogan, but our mission. We give our customers solutions to reduce their resource consumption, protect health and life, and lower their costs. No matter what you work on at HySeDi, you'll be part of our team fulfilling that mission.

HySeDi's solutions are relevant to society as a whole. Nevertheless, HySeDi is (hopefully eventually) a for-profit company. Performance-based compensation is therefore a matter of course for us. We would be happy to talk about vacation, home office and details in a personal conversation. Come to us, get to know us, stay, develop with us not only a new company and build it globally, but develop yourself, learn to move in a global world, and make it a little bit better! We look forward to getting to know you! We are looking forward to meeting you!


During the build-up of HySeDi, we are filling all kinds of positions from "barista" (already taken) to CEO. Describing them would take a lot of time and be of little use, as many activities overlap. And the faster you develop, the faster new exciting tasks are waiting for you.

Tell us what you like to do best and what you don't like to do at all, when you like to visit us just for a coffee, or when you would like to start working with us. Without rigid specifications, but with so much background that we appreciate you. We look forward to receiving your email.

Crazy IT people

You know how to organize, evaluate and process data. Or would you rather delve into building and maintaining a cloud structure? Building in APIs to use third-party tools? Integrating third-party systems to run on the platform? Or would you rather direct a motley team of crazy IT people? Internally or freelance?

As of 2024, we have countless roles for you. Just get in touch and send us an email with your ideas. In any case it will be exciting with us. Cu!