Supply Chain Vom Kunden her gedacht!

"We protect Resources, Health & Life."

To fulfill this claim of HySeDi, we think supply chain from the customer. We collect and rework data for you, making your life and work easier, and reducing costs.

For FM operators, cleaning services, distributors, environment, patients, customers & guests, there are unique benefits from using IoT + AI + HySeDi-platform.

Do you want to optimize service and reduce costs?

Cleaning, filling, control, management, billing, ordering and delivery a re costly and error-prone due to missing data. With HySeDi, you get resilient data in real time for proactive use.

  • Goods are now refilled according to actual consumption.
  • Cleaning and control are done according to data.
  • Merchandise is produced and delivered according to IoT & AI.

Hygiene & service start in the sanitary area.  There you will not win customers or guests, but you will lose them quickly if hygiene and service are neglected. Your employees are also placing more and more value on this.

IoT + AI + HySeDi-platform give you completely new knowledge about room and staff hygiene, consumption and service in real time.   Thanks to AI, you also get a glimpse into the future and thus planning security - far beyond the sanitary sector:

Google knows what you want.
Amazon knows what you buy.
HySeDi knows what you need.


With IoT in toilets and storage, you not only have hygiene & service in real time in view, but also demand and cleaning.

Consumption, demand and time spent on cleaning and filling are available to you as data. This simplifies administration, control, ordering and billing for you.

With our new Medi-Sink hand wash basin, you can prepare yourself against epidemics and pandemics.



Operators and service providers can see in real time via PC and employees via tablet where, which and how many hygiene articles need to be replenished and with what priority. In the second step, where cleaning is due. Deployment as needed, instead of a rigid schedule.

Data is also available for control and billing.

Increase hygiene & service = reduce costs.


You see all the data they need from their customers in real time on the HySeDi platform. You now plan orders, freight space utilization and delivery routes at an early stage, and optimize your inventory.

How much does this data reduce your time, manpower, costs, and Co2 emissions of your vehicles?


With the installation of Medi-Sink, clinics receive additional offers to further optimize hand hygiene. Sanitary rooms are comprehensively equipped with IoT. This enables a constant overview of the hygiene of the rooms and users in real time.

Health & service are intensified (without additional work), costs and risks are reduced.


Universities and especially schools present a special challenge: Parallel extreme use of all sanitary facilities. At the same time, high demand for cleaning and hygiene products.

If (high)schools improve hygiene & service, vandalism decreases.

HySeDi has developed solutions specifically for this demand, whitch satisfy management, pupils and students, and reduce costs.

Sport & Leisure

The use of the sanitary area in sports and recreational facilities, large-scale catering, airports, etc. is associated with high effort and considerable costs.

Customers, guests and passengers are quickly deterred, if there is a lack of hygiene and/or sanitary products.

With HySeDi, you take service & hygiene to a whole new level, and reduce effort and costs.

Together into a new era.

"We protect Resources, Health & Life."

HySeDi will soon offer essential, unique, digital solutions for hygiene & service from Munich via Dubai and Tokyo to New York.
Sustainability starts with the best possible use of our resources! With HySeDi you optimize personnel planning, control, accounting and hygiene & service, logistics and production.
You save resources, reduce costs, and protect health & life.

Are YOU also part of it?